The results are in: 9/10 Ormeau residents say they aren't interested in receiving 'life lessons' from No Yelling Driving School.

Well excuse you Ormeau, learning to drive is a life lesson that's often taken for granted. Let us tell you a story: life is one long drive with winding roads and signs that aren't always clear. There will be city lanes jammed with hectic traffic, and barren stretches of open road where you'll feel alone in the world. Sometimes it's good to start your drive with a destination in mind, but that's not always the case. Other times the destination will change along the way. Just remember it's the scenery, the traffic lights and the detours that teach us and help us grow. Try to get the most out of your ride.

There you go. Lesson one. Find out more about our Gold Coast driving school or book you first driving lesson today.

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