No Yelling is a driving school in Sunshine that operates 7 days a week. Our driving lessons start as early as 6am and run through the evening to around 8pm. Our driving instructors are well equipped to deal with your unique schedule, whether you're at school university or work full time. We teach students of all ages and stages and pride ourselves on offering the best driving lessons in sunshine and the surrounding suburbs. Living in the west of Melbourne, getting around is important. That's why we have created an affordable option for students learning to drive.

How to book driving lessons in Sunshine

Sign up to No Yelling today and we will match you with a driving instructor based on the information you provide. Your driving instructor will then contact you via sms to book in your first driving lesson in Sunshine. If you are just starting out, your instructor will find a nice and quiet area to teach you the basics before taking you out on the road. They know Sunshine well and can help you through the test routes as you are getting closer to your test.

So that's it. Sign up for driving lessons today with No Yelling and we'll have you driving around Sunshine in no time.

Sunshine is part of No Yelling's Western Suburbs service area
You can get driving lessons from these Western Suburbs locations and more