😷No Yelling drivers follow covid best practices to keep us all safe.Our drivers follow covid best practices.
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Covid Safety

A serious approach to Covid safety

No Yelling firmly upholds a practical and sincere approach to keeping our students and drivers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rigorous Sanitisation

All No Yelling drivers sanitise themselves and their car before each lesson they have.

Masks required for students and drivers

No Yelling requires that all students and instructors mask up during lessons, keeping them and their friends and family safe.

Symptom Awareness

If an instructor or student is exhibiting covid-like symptoms, we implore that lessons are rescheduled until Covid tests give an all-clear.

Helping with Anxiety

Many of us deal with anxiety as a result of all we've been through. No Yelling drivers have extensive experience helping students with anxiety, whatever the cause/trigger.